Vol 7, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


The Structure and Content of Long-Term and Short-Term Mate Preferences PDF HTML
Peter K. Jonason, Gregory D. Webster, Amanda N. Gesselman 167–179
Correlates of Couples’ Perceived Similarity at the Initiation Stage and Currently PDF HTML
Susan Sprecher 180–195
A Dimensional Approach to Characterizing On-Again/Off-Again Romantic Relationships PDF HTML
René M Dailey, Borae Jin, Nicholas Brody, Andrea A. McCracken 196–214
Implications of Egalitarianism and Religiosity on Relationship Satisfaction PDF HTML
Brittni J. Glenwright, Darren M. Fowler 215–226
Culture and Sexual Self-Disclosure in Intimate Relationships PDF HTML
Nu Tang, Lisamarie Bensman, Elaine Hatfield 227–245
A New Era of Courtship PDF HTML
Andrew Dix 246–259
Playing Moderately Hard to Get PDF HTML
Stephen Reysen, Iva Katzarska-Miller 260–271
Pregnant Women’s View on Their Relationship: A Comparison With Nonpregnant Women PDF HTML
Karlijn Massar, Abraham P. Buunk, Stefan L. K. Gruijters 272–281
Adopting New Identities When a Partner has Depression: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis PDF HTML
Fiona E. Glenn, Kenneth M. McFadyen, Zounish Rafique 282–298
Mediators of the Link between Adult Attachment and Mindfulness PDF HTML
Jon Gordon Caldwell, Phillip Robert Shaver 299–310
Eradicating Corruption in Public Office in Nigeria PDF HTML
Wada Attah Ademu 311–322
Gender Differences in Receptivity to Sexual Offers: A New Research Prototype PDF HTML
Mercedes Tappé, Lisamarie Bensman, Kentaro Hayashi, Elaine Hatfield 323–344