Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


A Brief Review of Intimate Partner Violence in the United States: Nature, Correlates, and Proposed Preventative Measures PDF HTML
Pamela C. Regan, Ramani S. Durvasula 127-134
Drive to Marry and Social Prescription in Chinese Online Daters PDF HTML
Rense Lange, James Houran, Song Li 135-147
Routines of Riparian Women of the Amazon Region: Activities and Roles in the Family, at Work and in the Community PDF HTML
Neuzeli Maria de Almeida Pinto, Fernando Augusto Ramos Pontes, Simone Souza da Costa Silva 148-168
Attachment to the Romantic Partner and Sibling: Attachment Hierarchies of Twins and Non-Twin Siblings PDF HTML
Sascha Schwarz, Maida Mustafić, Sonja Junker 169-183
Does Hard Work Pay Off? The Influence of Perceived Effort on Romantic Attraction PDF HTML
Jennifer R. Dwiggins, Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr. 184-199
Forms of Violence in the Affective-Sexual Relationships of Adolescents PDF HTML
Aline Riboli Marasca, Denise Falcke 200-214
Mexican Validation of a Relational Quality Scale: Using the Aquarela-R Scale PDF HTML
Daniela Silva Moctezuma, Rozzana Sánchez Aragón, Blanca Estela Retana Franco, Melissa García Meraz, Bertha Dolores Martínez Trujillo 215-235
Iranian-American’s Perceptions of Prejudice and Discrimination: Differences Between Muslim, Jewish, and Non-Religious Iranian-Americans PDF HTML
Shari Paige, Elaine Hatfield, Lu Liang 236-252