Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Social Representations of Physical Beauty and Romantic Relationships PDF HTML
Adriano Schlösser, Brigido Vizeu Camargo, Karen Cristine Teixeira 1-18
Relationship Satisfaction in Young Adults: Gender and Love Dimensions PDF HTML
Alexsandro Luiz De Andrade, João Fernando Rech Wachelke, Anna Beatriz Carnielli Howat-Rodrigues 19-31
How to Flirt Best: The Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques PDF HTML
T. Joel Wade, Jennifer Slemp 32-43
Minding Your Matters: Predicting Satisfaction, Commitment, and Conflict Strategies From Trait Mindfulness PDF HTML
Jacquelyn Harvey Knowles, Valerie Manusov, John Crowley 44-58
Narcissism and Anger: Self-Esteem and Contingencies of Self-Worth as Mediating Self-Structures PDF HTML
Grisel M. Garcia, P. J. Watson, Christopher J. L. Cunningham, Brian J. O’Leary, Zhuo Chen 59-71
The Effectiveness of “Undercover Anti-Bullying Teams” as Reported by Participants PDF HTML
John Winslade, Michael Williams, Felipe Barba, Evelyn Knox, Harpreet Uppal, Juanita Williams, Lorraine Hedtke 72-99
My Parents Know Best: No Mating With Members From Other Ethnic Groups PDF HTML
Abraham P. Buunk 100-113
Interpersonal Dynamics in Business Disciplines: Formulating a Hierarchy of Relational Motives PDF HTML
Ronald R. Rojas 114-126