Vol 7, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


A Social Withdrawal Component in Schutz’s FIRO Model of Interpersonal Personality: Social Engagement, Control and Social Withdrawal PDF HTML
Donna Youngs 1-11
Parasocial Romance: A Social Exchange Perspective PDF HTML
Aimee Adam, Brittany Sizemore 12-25
Adult Romantic Attachment and Couple Conflict Behaviors: Intimacy as a Multi-Dimensional Mediator PDF HTML
Tina D. Du Rocher Schudlich, Nicole M. Stettler, Kristen A. Stouder, Chelsea Harrington 26-43
Crying in Context: Understanding Associations With Interpersonal Dependency and Social Support PDF HTML
Katherine L. Fiori, Nathan S. Consedine, Christy A. Denckla, A.J.J.M. Vingerhoets 44-62
Perceived Relationship Dissolution and Sexual Orientation of a Hypothetical Ex-Partner as a Threat to Identity PDF HTML
Stephen Reysen, Iva Katzarska-Miller 63-76
Communal Strength Norms in the United States and Egypt PDF HTML
Sherri P. Pataki, Safia Fathelbab, Margaret S. Clark, Catharine H. Malinowski 77-87
Support-Seeking and Closeness Across Social Relationships: Relationship-General and Relationship-Specific Levels Analysis PDF HTML
Chong Man Chow, Ryan Glaman 88-96
Shame and Guilt: Relationships of Test of Self-Conscious Affect Measures With Psychological Adjustment and Gender Differences in Iran PDF HTML
Nima Ghorbani, P. J. Watson, Mehdi Salimian, Zhuo Chen 97-109
When a Small Thing Means so Much: Nonverbal Cues as Turning Points in Relationships PDF HTML
Tony Docan-Morgan, Valerie Manusov, Jessica Harvey 110-124
Teachers’ Perception of the Relationship With Pupils Having Specific Learning Disabilities PDF HTML
Tiziana Pasta, Manuela Mendola, Laura Elvira Prino, Claudio Longobardi, Francesca Giovanna Maria Gastaldi 125-137
Grey’s Anatomy and Communication Accommodation: Exploring Aspects of Nonverbal Interactions Portrayed in Media PDF HTML
Jason T. Mickel, Shian-Li McGuire, Shelley Gross-Gray 138-149
Violence and Maltreatment in Relational Ecologies: Toward an Epistemology of Corresponsability PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Maria Lujan Christiansen 150-163

Book Reviews

Spatial-Phenomenology and the Fundamental Experience in "The Primordial Dance: Diametric and Concentric Spaces in the Unconscious World" PDF HTML
Mariane Lima de Souza 164-166