Looking for Love in so many Places: Characteristics of Online Daters and Speed Daters

Monica T. Whitty, Tom Buchanan


This study examined the characteristics of individuals who are more likely to engage in speed dating and online dating, and the types of people who are more likely to prefer these forms of dating. Older individuals and those who scored high on shyness were more likely to have tried online dating. Older individuals, those who scored high on shyness, and those who had tried online dating were more likely to consider using it in the future. Younger individuals were more likely to have tried speed dating. Those who had already tried speed dating were more likely to consider using it in the future. We argue here that online dating offers some advantages for shy individuals.


romantic relationships; online dating; speed dating; personality; shyness

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5964/ijpr.v3isupp2.76