Bullying: Um estudo sobre papéis sociais, ansiedade e depressão no contexto escolar

Adriana Raquel Binsfeld, Carolina Saraiva de Macedo Lisboa


The present study investigated the bullying process in Brazilian schools. 182 children (m age = 9,99 years; sd = 1,15) from Public and Private schools from South Brazil answered measures of victimization, aggression, depression and anxiety. Results showed no difference between levels of depression and anxiety between bullies and victims. Therefore, a tendency that the bullies are more depressed than the victims was observed. Boys were more nominated than girls as victims and bullies.  Data confirms studies that emphasize the higher prevalence of the presence of boys in bullying process, but also contradict previous studies that showed higher levels of depression in victims but not in bullies, what can be explained by the  cultural influence. The results point to the importance of clinical interventions focused on this phenomena, which has increased its prevalence between youth nowadays.


anxiety; bullying; aggressive behaviour; depression

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5964/ijpr.v4i1.44