Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships

Interpersona is a peer-reviewed, semiannual (June and December), open access online journal on all kinds of human relationships, from weak ties to close relationships, and their relations with society and culture.

Interpersona is published by PsychOpen, Leibniz-Institute for Psychology Information, Trier, Germany, on behalf of the International Center for Interpersonal Relationship Research, Brazil.

With an international EDITORIAL BOARD the journal seeks to internationalize the investigation of human relationships. There is no charge for submitting or publishing in Interpersona.

Interpersona has already published ISSUES containing articles from all over the world, including Europe, North America, South and Central America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Interpersona was founded in 2007 to foster the internationalization of research on human relationships. In 2012, Interpersona changed to PsychOpen to improve the international visibility and exchange of information on relationship research.

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Vol 11 (2017): Supplement 1

Second supplemental issue on Interpersonal Relationships: Vulnerability and Coping. Papers presented 2014 and 2016 at meetings of the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Psychology (ANPEPP), Brazil.

Table of Contents


Maria Alexina Ribeiro, Ilckmans Bergma Tonha Moreira Mugarte, Heron Flores Nogueira, Aldenira Barbosa Cavalcante, Vladimir de Araújo Albuquerque Melo, Ana Cristina Garcia Duarte Vasconcelos, Marcelo Porto Dias, Cícero Nunes Menezes
Cláudia Regina Brandão Sampaio, Socorro de Fátima Moraes Nina, Rosângela Dutra de Moraes
Thamyris Maués dos Santos, Brenda Nunes, Fernando Augusto Ramos Pontes, Simone Souza da Costa Silva
Carolina Moraes Dourado, Irlana Lessa França, Vagner Santos Cardoso, Simone Souza da Costa Silva, Fernando Augusto Ramos Pontes
Agnaldo Garcia, Tayssa Grassi Rodrigues, Lorena Schettino Lucas, Daniela Marisol Pérez-Angarita