When people in close relationships are not prepared to listen to emotional disclosures


  • Irena Dzwonkowska


The following article comprises a presentation of  research carried out on a group of 268 adults. The survey aimed at finding answers to questions posed about the meditative role played by social constraints in the relationship between shyness and certain aspects of emotional and social functioning. The results indicate that social constraints are a destructive factor in the everyday functioning of those facing everyday problems. Many shy people experience social constraints - people in close relationships: family, relatives, and friends react inadequately and negatively, demonstrating a lack of empathy, thus discouraging people who are shy from expressing their personal thoughts and emotions. Regression analyses, conducted in order to detect the meditative effects of social constraints, show that their destructive influence is particularly severe in the case of shy people leading to their low self-esteem, a high level of depressive symptoms and a low perception of social support.