Study of validation of the Portuguese version of the inventory «Experiences in Close Relationships»


  • Carla Alexandra Paiva
  • Bárbara Figueiredo


The ‗Experiences in Close Relationships Inventory‘ permits to evaluate attachment in close relationships during adulthood based on two dimensions able to be present in this kind of relationships: the avoidance of proximity and the anxiety related with to abandonment. It is a self-report 7- points likert scale composed by 36 items. The Portuguese version was administered to a sample of 551 university students (60%
female), the majority with ages between 19 and 24 years old (88%) in a dating relationship (86%). The principal components analysis with oblimin rotation was performed. The total scale has good internal consistency (α=.86), as also has the 2 subscales:
anxiety (α=.86) and avoidance (α=.88). The two dimensions evaluated are significantly correlated with socio-demographics, relational characteristics (jealousy, relationship distress, and compromise), wishes (enmeshment versus differentiation) and
fears (abandonment versus control) related to attitudes in significant relationships, which testify the construct validity of the instrument. The results obtained are coherent with the original version and other ECR‘s adaptations. Practitioners and researchers in the context of clinical psychology and related areas have now at their disposal the Portuguese version of the ECR inventory, which has shown its very high usefulness in
the study of close relationships, and specifically attachment in adulthood.