Amizade e focos de atividade na universidade


  • Agnaldo Garcia
  • Lívia Ramos Brandão


The aim of this study was to investigate foci of activity which were perceived by students of public and private universities  in  Vitoria metropolitan area  as relevant to the establishment and maintenance of their friendships. Participants were 32 college students aged 17 to 21 years,  16 from a public university (UPU) and 16 students from  a private university (UPA). The  following topics  were investigated: (a) friends  network, (b) the origin of  friends, (c) friendship and  neighborhood (d) general activities;  (e) specific activities; (f) communication and conversation; (g) university, friendship and dating; (h) university life  and  old  friends; (i) the influence of  university  on friendships. From a descriptive base,  data showed  friendship as a relationship involving a wide range of interactions, keeping dialectical relationship with these interactions and social groups. The friendships still relate dialectically with the physical environment, including the physical structure of the university, and the socio-cultural, including rules, schedules and activity plans of the university and local traditions.