A Seleção Profissional amenizando Conflitos no Ambiente de Trabalho: Contribuições do Psicodrama


  • Angela Cristina de Andrade Figueira
  • Thatiana de Andrade Figueira


The objective of this work is to show the psychodrama as a technique, which can also be used in the
selection of staff, able to reveal the potential performance of a person. In personnel selection, the survey
was intended to assess the advantages and limitations on the use of psychodrama, aiming to hire
employees capable of maintaining good interaction in the workplace and good participation in work
teams. Characterized by being empirical field and the approach was both qualitative and quantitative. The
instruments of data collection were direct observation and questionnaires with staff and supervisor of the
Call Center of a company, noting that this is a closed sector with many relationship problems and high
turnover. About the results of research were investigated: 82% of employees analyzed retained the same
initial impression after 3 months of recruitment, motivation, interest, the "shining eyes" perceived at the
time of initial assessments have remained. It turned out that the hit rate on personal choices that had
dramatic play as an aid in the decision, was satisfactory.