Mexican Validation of a Relational Quality Scale: Using the Aquarela-R Scale


  • Daniela Silva Moctezuma
  • Rozzana Sánchez Aragón
  • Blanca Estela Retana Franco
  • Melissa García Meraz
  • Bertha Dolores Martínez Trujillo


Marital satisfaction and the perception of relationship quality are important aspects to consider when it´s studying romantic relationships. Therefore, multiple constructs can be defined as the representation of the quality of relationships, such as love, intimacy, communication, compromise and sex that are always characterizing what occurs in romantic relationships. Based on the above, the objective of this research was to validate the Brazilian version of the Acuarela-R for De Andrade & Garcia (2012) in three Mexican samples: Distrito Federal, Hidalgo and Durango, that is, a total of 878 volunteers in a relationship. This was done thru the criteria proposed by Reyes Lagunes & Garcia y Barragan (2008). The results showed a valid and reliable scale with robust reliability coefficients that will use it to measure perceptions of quality in the relationship, and so contribute to research in psychology to reach an understanding of the nature of the duration, maintenance, repair, or even breaking them.

Language: Spanish