Las Relaciones de Pareja en los Adolescentes de Cuenca: su relación con el machismo/marianismo


  • Ana Cristina Cevallos Neira
  • Elena Monserrath Jerves Hermida


The romantic relationships are socially constructed relationships, meaning that they are shaped by various social and cultural factors. While these relationships have been studied previously in adults, in recent decades it has highlighted the need to study them during adolescence, where it has become clear that present important specific features. However, most studies on the subject have been developed in Europe and North America but there’s a void with respect to the development of relationships in Latin American cultures. For this reason, the aim of the research was to know and analyze the experiences around to relationships that experience the young people of Cuenca, in order to understand how cultural elements may be shaping these relations. To do this, in-depth interviews were conducted to 20 adolescents between 15 to 17 years, from the city of Cuenca. The data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The results allowed knowing the fact that the relationships represent a great source of support for the young people, but in their development they execute dynamics of control and jealousy that are rather perceived as a kind of protection and care. Further, in the experiences of adolescents controlling behaviors are very frequent and naturalized in association of their ideas about romantic love.