Translation and Cross Language Validation of Passionate Love Scale Among Adults in Lahore, Pakistan


  • Wahida Anjum
  • Iffat Batool


Objective of the present study was to translate and cross language validate the Passionate Love Scale (PLS) from English language to Urdu language using forward-back translation (Brislin, 1976) procedure. It is developed by Hatfield and Sprecher (1986). It has 15 self-reported and uni-dimensional items, with 9 points rating scale ranges from 1 = not at all true to 9 = definitely true. Results showed high level of Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient α = 0.90, test retest reliability ranged from r = .73 to r = .96 (ps < .01), item total correlation varying from r = .50 to r = .74 (ps < .01) and factor loading ranged from .39 to .73. Item difficulty was determined through the Rasch scaling analysis and construct validity of the Urdu PLS secured the same one-dimensional factor structure of the English PLS by retaining 15 items. It showed that the Urdu PLS is reliable and valid tool to measure the cognitive, emotional and behavioral components of passionate love in Pakistani cultural context. Implications of the study were also discussed.