Experience of Dating Violence’s Victims in Indonesia: A Photovoice Study


  • Alda Soraya Asikin
  • Diana Aipipidely
  • Indra Yohanes Kiling


Dating violence is one of the major violence issues that is continuously threatening female youth in Indonesia. Dating violence can cause significant negative consequences to its victims, which are often underestimated in areas with strong patriarchal cultures. This study aims to identify the experience faced by dating violence victims, which could help expand the literature and provide insights for better violence prevention programs. Photovoice design was used and data were gathered through interviews and a focus group. Participants involved in this study are nine female youth victims of dating violence in Kupang, Indonesia. Analysis of interviews and focus group identified five main themes: 1) types of dating violence, 2) risk factors, 3) protective factors, 4) impacts of dating violence, and 5) withstanding and withdrawing from the relationship. Dating violence risk factors were patriarchal attitude, social and economic condition, lack of knowledge about dating violence, and exposure to violence. Factors that protect female youth from dating violence were positive self-concept, knowledge about dating violence, the role of parents, educational institutions, and health institutions. Reasons for victims to withstand their dating relationships were varied. Types and impacts of dating violence were also varied based on unique experiences. This study provides a deeper understanding of the experience of dating violence victims through photovoice methodology. These experiences were affected by religious and cultural beliefs distinctive to the Indonesian context, highlighting the need for more culture-fit interventions.